Is Apple Advertisement Engage The Audience Successfully?

Picture from the video

Work is one of the ways to fund our living, every person has to work so that they can fund their life. However, many companies set some rules that limit people who have differences with ‘normal people’ or they are intolerant of diversity. Nevertheless, Apple trying to rebut the rule for the worker. In 2017, Apple promotes its brand using inclusion and diversity campaign. The video has been watched by almost 2 million people. It is a good way to inform the people that every single person deserves to get their job based on their ability, not their background.

The advertisement showed 68 Apple employees with different people’s backgrounds on the portrait. As stated on the advertisement “Embrace faiths, cultures, disabilities, differences, embrace races, ages, ideologies, personalities” They also promote their product implicitly while embracing the diversity on the ad. With a melodramatic song on the background, Apple delivers their message inspiringlybecause humanity isn’t singular, it’s plural.”

My impression is that Apple successfully engages the audience’s emotions. Because when I saw the ad I can feel the emotion that the ad trying to convey. It glorifies humanity and with the emotional song in the background, everyone who watches it will understand their meaning, and perhaps it makes them calmer knowing that every person can work with their disabilities.

Although this is just an ad, it says many things to the audience. This advertisement speaks more than just humanity but it also relieves people who have the insecurity to work with big companies. Even though they are not showing their product exaggerated but the audience understood that this ad is to promote Apple product too. For me, Apple is success delivering their message.

source : Apple — Inclusion & Diversity — YouTube

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